Phil's Arctic trip 2009

I'm often asked what do I if i come across a polar bear?
Polar bears aren't as camouflaged as people think, a creamy/yellow colured beast is easy to spot against a backdrop of still white snow. When You see the bear you need to try and scare it off this is best accomplished by being loud and obnoxious a skill best picked up from Canadians. We will also be carrying two guns and a number of small flares the idea is to scare the bear off using shots and the flares. The shots aren't really very effective as they sound like cracking ice something the bears are used too. The flares however are pretty effective. if all that fails the gun can be used as a last resort.

However if you forget all that the backup plan is to knee the person closest and then ski as fast as possible. The bear will only need to eat one of you.


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